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The Exploratorium comes together with the Education Development Center, Inverness Research, TERC, the University of Colorado - Boulder, and the University of Washington to form a Research+Practice (R+P) Collaboratory. The Collaboratory seeks to address and reframe the gap between research and practice in K-12 STEM education. This gap persists despite decades of work by many leading organizations, associations, and individuals. Attempts to close the gap have generally focused on creating resources and mechanisms that first explain or illustrate "what research says" and then invite educators to access and integrate findings into practice.

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Research+Practice Collaboratory Launches New Website

The R and P Collaboratory is an NSF-funded project formed to address the challenging gap between research and practice in STEM education, across both formal and informal settings. Led by…

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Organizing Research and Development at the Intersection of Learning, Implementation, and Design

"This article describes elements of an approach to research and development called design-based implementation research. The approach represents an expansion of design research, which typically focuses on classrooms, to include…

Research-Practice Partnerships: A Strategy for Leveraging Research for Educational Improvement in School Districts

"In this Foundation-commissioned white paper, Cynthia Coburn, Ph.D.; William Penuel, Ph.D.; and Kimberly Geil, Ph.D. survey the current landscape of partnerships involving school districts to better understand different types of…

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Videos from The Critical Issues in Mathematics Education Workshop

"The wide adoption of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) offers a helpful curricular coherence to the environment of teacher education. And so the CCSSM present both an…

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