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R+P Collaboratory: Negotiating Problems of Practice with Bill Penuel

The webinar has ended.


1. Check in with 2-3 MSP groups about using tools in partnership. Potential topics that MSPs could cover include:
  • Report on the process of using one of the tools Bill presented last webinar;
  • Identify new types of conversations that arose from use of tools; and/or
  • Identify challenges that arose through the process of using a tool
2. Discuss the process of how groups used tools. 
  • How could other groups use Research Practice tools in the future and what advice would partnerships have for other groups thinking about using a tool in their setting?
  • What other needs do groups have related to creating research practice partnerships that inform work across groups and ultimately improve learning environments based on wisdom from both research and practice?
3. We will be presenting at the Department of Education conference at the end of the month
  • What kind of panel would be most useful to organize to introduce the larger MSP community to our efforts? 
  • What more would the group like to think about or work on together to improve existing partnerships?