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R+P Collaboratory Leadership meeting - Improved format, Dashboard usage

The webinar has ended.


In preparation for the leadership call on Tuesday there are a few things to announce.
  1. We have an adjusted length and format for the leadership meetings. The meetings will be 90 minutes and weekly. The meetings will take place every Tuesday from 11:30-1 pm EST / 8:30-10 am PST.
  2. We are trying to use a new google doc "Dashboard" tool so that anyone can sign up and suggest a topic for the agenda. Phil suggested an initial format for the Dashboard and Nicole and I have been playing with the format and updating it with items we know to be important based on notes and previously agreed upon agendas. Here is a link to the google doc:
  3. Based on the new format, here is the agenda for the meeting on Tuesday:
    • 30 minute issue:EDC discussing the last year of RPP work in Maine
    • 30 minute round robin (up to 5 mins per team):Quick notifications of what RPC things your team has been up to this week. Clarifying questions but no discussions (if discussions are needed, the topic gets moved to a future agenda item). Exploratorium example: Prep for IG, Initial Adaptation Site Research team meetings, PAN conversations, etc.
    • 15 minute logistics/updates:Example: CSL Inquiry Group logistics (billing and dinner plans)