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Laura Stokes



  • Evaluator 


Dr. Laura Stokes has worked with Inverness Research since 1993, directing studies of a variety of state, federal, and foundation-funded teacher leadership, professional development, and systemic reform projects. Projects include The National Writing Project; Washington's Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession; the American Museum of Natural History's Seminars on Science; the Teacher Institute at the Exploratorium; the Seattle Public Schools Expository Writing and Science Notebooks Project. Before joining Inverness Research, she was director of the UC Davis site of the National Writing Project, director of the Composition Program at UC Davis, co-director of the California Writing Project, and Assistant Director of the California Subject Matter Projects at the University of California Office of the President. She has a B.A. and M.A. in English from the University of California, Davis, and a Ph.D. in educational policy from Stanford University. 


Evaluation, teacher professional development and leadership, professional networks


Available at
April 2012. Research-Based Communication to Policy as a Strategy for Science Education Improvement: The Case of the Strengthening Science Education in California Initiative's High Hopes-Few Opportunities Report. With Michelle Phillips.
March 2012. Helping Students Learn Science Through Writing And Writing Through Science: Key Findings from Ten Years of Study. With Katherine Ramage.
November 2011. The Enduring Quality and Value of the National Writing Project's Teacher Development Institutes: Teachers' Assessments Of NWP Contributions to Their Classroom Practice and Development as Leaders.
April 2011. Exploring the concept and practice of Staged Evaluation as a more valuable approach to evaluating large, complex education initiatives. With Mark St. John.
August 2010. New Teacher Support in Washington: Shared Responsibility and Shared Benefits. (Policy brief)
August 2009. Improving New Teacher Supports through District Capacity-Building.
February 2009. Investing in the Improvement of Elementary Science in Washington State: Findings and Implications from a Study of K-5 Teachers Striving to Strengthen Their Science Teaching. With Pam Castori.